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Shoot To Kill

“Creepy, but so natural.  Beautifully shot.  You can’t look away.”

                                                                   -- HollywoodCloseUp

SHOOT TO KIILL is the new dramatic YouTube series from producer and screenwriter Sam Ingraffia.  The dark, film noir episodic stars ART LaFLEUR (Field of Dreams, Santa Clause 2) as John, an independent filmmaker who is shooting a documentary about serial killers.   He is approached by Philip (Sam Ingraffia), who tells him that he is a serial killer who has never been apprehended.  A dangerous and complex relationship forms between the two men, as John must determine whether Philip is an actual killer, or just a sad and lonely man looking for his fifteen minutes of fame.


MR. KILL is the new hit Internet series produced by Shadowcast Pictures.  SAM INGRAFFIA stars as Mr. Kill.


The first season received over a million views.

MR. KILL, combining fast-paced action and dark humor, is a quirky look at the life of a professional assassin who is having a major midlife crisis.   



FEATURE FILM script written by Sam Ingraffia.  Currently in development.

In 1920, Thomas Edison was interviewed by Scientific American magazine.  He said that he had created his greatest invention -- The Spirit Communicator -- a machine that could communicate with the dead. 


Six months later, Edison said it was all just an elaborate practical joke.   No such machine ever existed. 


Over the years, rumors persisted that the Communicator was real.


In 2017, Edison’s lab in West Orange, New Jersey, is being remodeled.


CHARLIE MONROE, 30s, a fast-talking PR guy, is hired to get press for the Grand Re-Opening.  Charlie stumbles onto a story about Edison’s 1920 interview.  Thinking the Spirit Communicator will generate a lot of buzz; Charlie tracks down the grandson of Edison’s last assistant.   He discovers that a set of plans for the Spirit Communicator actually exists. 


Charlie convinces the lab to build the machine… and all hell breaks loose.


FEATURE FILM script written by Sam Ingraffia.  Currently in development.

In 1918, PRESIDENT WOODROW WILSON suffered a massive stroke.   He was unable to walk, or speak and was almost blind.  


EDITH WILSON, his beautiful young wife, carried out one of the most remarkable cover-ups in American history.   For almost 2 years, Edith took over the office of the president and ran the country -- at a time when women were not even allowed to vote.

The Senate, the Vice President and the American people were never made aware of the President’s health problems. 


To this day, it remains one of the most bizarre chapters in American history.   Edith is still the only woman to have carried out the duties of the American presidency. 

The Amazing Return of Sal & Junior

Click on the video to watch the first episode of the hot new YouTube series:


Co-written and starring SAM INGRAFFIA as "Sal Cericco."

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