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SAM INGRAFFIA's entry into show business was a bit unusual. After graduating with honors from U.C.L.A., he was completing a Masters Degree in Finance. A director friend called and said he was having difficulty casting a small part in a play. Would Sam help him out and do the role? 


At the first rehearsal, Ingraffia realized he had found what he was supposed to do with his life. He quit graduate school the next day.

Over 100 film and television performances have afforded Ingraffia with the opportunity to work as an actor with such acclaimed directors as John Schlesinger, Ron Howard, Mike Newell, Oliver Stone, Danny DeVito and Robert Zemeckis. 

Sam's prolifc writing and producing credits include feature films, television, pilots, comedy specials, internet series, and award-winning plays that have been produced in theaters around the country.

His latest creative endeavor is writing novels -- He has penned two comedic-mysteries: THE RIGHT STIFF, and WHAT WOULD JOHNNY DENT DO?

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