Literary Reviews

FILM  (Selected Reviews)  



“A poignant examination of fatherhood and lost childhoods, tinged with comedy.”


***WINNER - "WeMakeMovies Screenwriting Competition


WAGES OF SIN (Writer/Producer)


“A very effective thriller...builds tension and suspense.  The writing of SAM INGRAFFIA is intelligent and clever."

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SHOOT TO KILL (Writer/Producer)


"Creepy, but so natural.   Beautifully shot.  You can't look away."

                                                                              Hollywood Close Up


THEATER  (Selected Reviews  - Los Angeles)


CHATEAU RENE - Theatre 40


“INGRAFFIA presents a touching look at the flickering of the high life and the dawn of old age.  Johnnie, an aging tough guy playing Sinatra records in a shell of an apartment and raging at

his own deterioration, is truly a memorable character.”

                                                                                Los Angeles Times



39 GOODBYES - West Coast Ensemble Theatre


“Tautly and unflagginly sustains interest and achieves chills, thrills and suspense... INGRAFFIA’S dialogue crackles...”                                                                                                                               LAWEEKLY

STARFIRE - Company of Angels Theatre


“INGRAFFIA weaves an engaging story... Colorful."                                                                                                             Los Angeles Times